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Our Story

Albert Transport is a family-run business.

Originally from Zürich, Switzerland, Albert’s father arrived in Mo’orea in 1925. He felt he had discovered paradise on earth, so he decided to move there as a farmer and fisherman, living exactly the way Polynesians do.

Albert was born in 1939. He started work at a very young age, performing a variety of jobs on Tahiti and Mo’orea until 1961. At that time, he had saved enough money to purchase a second-hand “4L,” which he used as a taxi. His hard work helped him acquire a better car later on, followed by an old bus.

This was the beginning of Albert Transport, which received an International Award for Best Excursions in 1999. Albert then built a small hotel called “Motel Albert,” still open today.

All of Albert’s extended family—12 children and 19 grandchildren—now play a major role in the local economy. As they grew up, Albert’s children worked in various tourism activities: Taxi, scooter rentals, car rentals, excursions on land and on the sea, as well as in pearl farming.

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